Introduction to International Arbitration 


International Arbitration commonly stands for a litigation before private judges who, precisely, are called arbitrators.
Arbitration frequently has an international meaning because the parties, frequently of different legal systems, can choose an external, third and impartial forum. With regard to the impartiality and impartiality of the court, the cardinal principle of every accusatory system since the time of Roman Law, the term "private" of the court must not mislead readers, because these principles, foreseen for a judicial court as well as for the arbitration, are planned and saved.
The reason for the existence but above all for the success that arbitration is gaining especially in recent years can be explained through an Economic Analysis of Law. 
Judicial proceedings involve costs, court costs, deadlines while extra-legal resolutions are much faster and cheaper, leaving however room for procedural injustices. Arbitration is an excellent middle ground, saving the principle of justice understood if exercised by a third and impartial power, but in shorter and more personalized times, which translates into clear savings for the parties.
Another important economic aspect is the possibility of the parties entering into a contract, to provide, through an arbitration clause, the arbitration court they prefer, and, depending on whether the arbitration is voluntary or institutional, the application of the set of rules chosen by the parties. With international arbitration, the parties to a contract can in fact take the consensual principle of the contract that becomes law for the parties to the extreme consequences, raising it beyond the constraints and boundaries of the legal system in which it is stipulated, allowing it to choose the regulation to them more favorable. 
Below are the sites of the major arbitration courts in the world












Singapore International Arbitral Centre 


The Singapore International Arbitral Centre is by now considered one of the most preferred and succesful Arbitral Court in the World.
Considered as the leading Arbitral Court in Asia, it ows its successes also to the Singapore's jurisdiction historically friendly to arbitration disputes.

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London Court of International Arbitration 


Over the years the London Court of International Arbitration has establihed itself as one of the leading arbitral courts in Europe. 
Having passed through a self-revision over more than 16 years, it offers a rare solution to apply common-law based judgements in Europe

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